Trailer Trace uses high quality, tamper-evident physical marking labels, combines them with unique RFID tags built specifically for Trailers and links them with a powerful central database.

Marking Labels

Each Tamper-Evident label attached to the trailer has several built in security features, many not visible to the naked eye. The visible features include

  • A unique code that identifies the individual trailer and is continued throughout all the markings on the trailer
  • A Quick Response (QR) code that when scanned takes the visitor to the Trailer Trace website page for that specific Trailer. For non law enforcement visitors, a wealth of information is viewable, for Law Enforcement, further information is available.
  • Anyone scanning the QR code will immediately be able to check if the trailer is recorded as stolen. No telephone calls needed, no payment required.
  • The QR code also reveals additional quality of life information for the trailer owner, such as licence requirements, tyre size, tyre pressures, Weights, sizes and more.


  • RFID tags created specifically for UK Trailers.
  • Hardened and encapsulated to survive UK roads and all the challenges that they bring
  • Readable at up to 15 Metres
  • Readable at up to 120 MPH.

Trailer Trace is currently available for Manufacturer install only. Ask your dealer if the trailer you want has Trailer Trace.