Trailer Trace works with Law enforcement across the country and is actively building additional links both within the UK and Europe.

Law Enforcement often require far more information than the average trailer owner to ensure that they can carry out their duties quickly and efficiently, to this end we have a number of tools that we have made available to them.

Once a Police officer or other authorised person has created a (free) account, they gain access to the following

Additional QR information: Once logged into their account, when scanning a QR code on a trailer they are provided additional information about a trailer, including crime Reference numbers, theft dates and all other theft information kept on file. They are also granted access to the registered 'keeper' information for that particular trailer. All police access is logged for the officers records.

RFID Readers: Our top of the line RFID readers, which also provide access to QR reading, data transfer and online access are available to law enforcement teams across the country free of charge. We do not charge for access to the equipment, which is held permanently by the teams, nor do we charge for data access or any other access.

Training: We are rolling out law enforcement training across the UK, for both the Trailer Trace system and to help police identify stolen Trailers. This is again free of charge and we hope to be able to provide accredited training to our offerings shortly.

If you are a law enforcement professional, please contact us at