Trailer Trace

Automate, Identify, Protect

Trailer theft is an unfortunate (and costly) reality of business. The fact that thieves target trailers is not surprising…but the lack of adequate trailer-specific security technology certainly is. That is why we created Trailer Trace – a factory-fitted security device that tracks and protects trailers through innovative RFID technology.

Outsmart Emerging Threats When thieves target trailers, one of their top priorities is hiding the trailer’s identity. With Trailer Trace, this becomes impossible, as we can quickly and accurately identify all trailers within our system. Unlike other RFID security products on the market, our devices and central database have been explicitly designed for use with trailers – from the physical specs to the type of data tracked and stored, we know what the industry needs to stay protected

How Trailer Trace Works: Trailer Trace takes the high-quality, tamper-proof physical marking system of trailer ID labels and bolsters it with two unique types of RFID tags, both of which are linked to a central trailer database. This provides trailer owners, law enforcement, and the general public with a reliable source of accurate trailer ownership information, while simultaneously providing nefarious actors with a major headache and an obstacle to theft or damage. We also provide FREE state-of-the-art RFID readers to law enforcement upon request. Key Advantages:

  • Designed explicitly for usage with UK-built trailers.
  • Leverages state-of-the-art RFID security technology.
  • Compatible with all standard trailer models & designs

State of the art, specifically designed RFID tags partnered with bleeding edge handheld, mobile RFID readers, rated for 15 metres of read range at up to 120mph.